New Heart Healing Center

Heal yourself and your relationships, with unconditional love and strong boundaries

What We Do


New Heart Healing Center is a training and healing center for people who want to learn how to treat themselves and other people with respect and healthy boundaries.


We particularly offer care to teens; people who have difficulty with emotions or self-harming; and people who have experienced trauma.


Learning new skills takes a significant amount of willingness to change old patterns. If you have the drive to change, New Heart gives you the tools and support to help you reclaim your power and create a life that feels worth living.




  • Private healing sessions
  • Daily drop-in hours for practicing new skills, doing inner work and bodywork in a safe space, and getting help if you are stuck
  • Weekly support groups to learn new skills and new ideas
  • Workshops
  • Healer Training Program



New Heart’s director is Joanna Juzwik, Intuitive Consultant & Healer, and long-time Berea resident. Joanna specializes in complete healing from trauma, spirit-body connection problems, and in teaching life skills for mind, body, spirit, and emotional health. She works with clients at physical and spiritual levels of the energy field. Her goal is to help people take control of their lives rather than operating on pre-set dysfunctional reactions to external forces coming at them.

New staff members will be added as people undergo the center staff training program.


How You Can Help


The center needs funding for a building purchase. The downtown space under consideration has a price tag of $114,000. An additional $5,000 is needed for space renovation and to establish a first-year maintenance fund.


Trauma and emotional difficulties come hand-in-hand with poverty. Given the focus on teens and the dire economic straits of many of New Heart’s clientele, start-up overhead and ongoing program costs must stay very low.


New Heart is seeking businesses and individuals that are willing to make a one-time $10,000-$20,000 contribution to get the center up and running. Donor names will be honored by a sign at the center, unless anonymity is preferred.